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“Extremely satisfied. Didn’t take long at all to get my benefits.”

-Marcella S.


“It was great. They handled everything and I was approved for disability within a couple of months.”

-Cynthia W.


“They were great and very time efficient in dealing with my case. Thanks so much for your help.”

-James M.


“AMAZING! you guys stepped us through the process, filed all paperwork, and dealt with social security so we didn’t have to. Everyone was kind & helpful anytime we called.”

-Anthony P.


“I hired premier in February and they won my case.on March 31,2016. I was informed my case had been approved I would recommend them to anyone trying to get their social security.”

-Janet C.


“This is a service that I reviewed online and I am glad I went with this group. They help me to receive my disability with in 4 months of filing.Thanks to Premier Disability, LLC.”

-Shirley M. B.


“I can not say no more that. (its the best call ever i made to premier Disability )”

-Hassan A.


“My experience was wonderful. Not one complaint.”

-Karen C.


“When I was approached by Premier Disability I was hesitant to file. Their patience, and persistence paid off. I would have never gotten my disability had it not been for them.”

-Rita M.



I am beyond pleased with ur good service. And I will recommend Premier Disability to other people like my sister did to me.”

-Amanda M.


“Excellent. Yes I will recommend Premier Services to everyone I meet.”

-Katrin A.


“My experience with Premier Disability with excellent they were very efficient and got right to the point if it wasn’t for them I really don’t know what I would have done.”

-Cassandra C.


“Overall I am satisfied with Premier Disability and their efforts to help me secure much-needed and much-deserved SSA disability benefits. In a nutshell, Premier did its job helping shepherd me through the process, which is quite complicated and lengthy. I could not have done this by myself. No way. Applicants MUST engage the service of a proven and trusted advocate.”

-David M.


“I am extremely pleased with the service I received. I was contacted with questions om my paperwork on a timely manner in order to have information that was needed sent by the deadline. I was surprised I received my benefits without having to go through the appeal process. I would recommend Premier Disability to anyone seeking Social Security Disability. The company policy of no cost if a person does not receive back benefits due to them. should tell the world the people at Premier Disability work for the best interest of the disabled person not to just charge money for their services. I am an extremely pleased client.”

-Brett S.

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