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Join our team at Premier Disability Services, LLC®, where we always put people before profit — that’s our mission!

We believe that getting people back on their feet, during or after one of life’s challenges, is the right thing to do. We’re not in it for the money. By joining our team, you can become a trusted advocate who helps people get the benefits they deserve, the right way. Our team members walk clients through every step of the process, from opening a claim to working through the appeals process. Become an advocate and help us make a difference, the Premier Difference!

Employee Testimonials

“Working at Premier is not just any job. It’s a feel good job. We work as a team to strive in helping our clients get the benefits they deserve. You’re not just a number, you have a name. Best part of my job is hearing a client say, “Thank you!””
-Tammy, Applications Specialist

“Premier has been the best place I have ever worked! Premier sets themselves apart simply based on the culture that is set from the moment you walk in the door. Their passion for helping people trickles down to their employees!”
-Thomas, Case Management Specialist

“One of the best companies anyone could work for, especially for ones who are starting in customer service. This company cares and recognizes hard work. Workers even get treated like family. This company also teaches you new things, and are always so professional and friendly, and make work fun.”
-Sarah, Evaluations Specialist

“The staff is by far the best part of the company. It is a good place to either get started with your first job, or to grow along with the company.”
-John, Application Specialist

“This company offers a lot of opportunities to learn new things and gain additional experience. They only hire management from within, giving opportunities to their staff to grow within the company. I would recommend this company to anybody looking to gain experience in an office setting. The atmosphere with coworkers is great, I loved everybody I worked with.”
-Carmen, Case Management Specialist


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Premier Perks and Benefits

You will be proud to be a member of the Premier Disability Services team. We have an AWESOME company culture and take care of our employees. Here are some of the Premier Perks you will be eligible to receive:

  • Competitive wages
  • Bonus and incentive pay opportunities
  • Health Insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Employee service center
  • Subsidized lunches
  • Subsidized gym memberships
  • Subsidized Premier Gear
  • Discounted movie tickets
  • Cell phone bill discounts
  • Child care discounts
  • Grocery discounts
  • 30% reduced price on Nickelodeon and Valleyfair tickets

Our Hometown

The Premier Disability Services, LLC®, headquarters is located in Minneapolis, MN. We are proud of our Minnesota roots, which is why we have been here for decades. Here are some fun facts about our state and why you should join our team!

  • There are 69,200 miles of rivers and streams in Minnesota.
  • Minnesota produces more turkeys each year than there are people in California.
  • Minnesota has one recreational boat per six people; that’s around 1 million boats. 
  • Minnesota has over 3 times more white-tailed deer than it does college students.
  • There are 3 million cows living in MN. That is more cows than there are people in many states.
  • Minnesota stocks its waters with around 250 million fish on average per year. That’s enough to give 4 out of 5 people in the US a fish.
  • Bob Dylan, Prince, The Replacements, and countless other famous musical acts are from Minnesota.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers basketball team was originally from Minnesota, “the land of the lakes,” which is why they are called the “Lakers.”