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You should know who is representing you. You should be able to call them if you want. You should know who they are and something about them. That’s what we believe.

We have over 200 caring and experienced people to help with SSD claims. We do our best to instill in everyone what you may be going through and how important these benefits can be to you. Our work is not easy and we deal with a lot of people who are under great stress. The SSD program is too complicated, takes too long and is too unfair, but we can’t change that. All we can do is help you make the best of a difficult situation.

Meet our leadership team:

Premier Disability Services, LLC 2Thomas Klint – President & Founder

Thomas Klint knows first-hand how disabilities affect families and their loved ones. He didn’t become an advocate for the disabled, he was born to be one. He personally experienced how Social Security Disability and Veterans Disability changed the lives of three siblings. Having grown up with two brothers and a sister going through the disability process, there was no doubt that Tom would spend his career fighting for benefits upon becoming an attorney. Click here to read his entire story that led him to founding Premier Disability Services.

Premier Disability Services, LLC 5Jorge Rodriguez – Chief Operating Officer

Over fifteen years advocating for people to obtain disability benefits, Jorge is a highly respected leader in the Social Security Disability community. A career in which he’s worked with several of the largest and most successful Social Security Disability firms in the country, he’s a key member of our leadership team that makes Premier Disability Services a leader in our industry. Jorge is part of one of the first groups to pass an exam created by Social Security that allowed for direct payment of fees to those advocating for benefits. He’s also spoken at Social Security Disability advocacy boot camps and served as a consultant to some of the largest Social Security firms and marketing companies. Jorge’s desire to help disabled Americans stems from battling with a personal disability during his teenage years. He’s made it his lifelong mission to dedicate his life to helping those with disabilities improve their quality of life.

Premier Disability Services, LLC 6Jerry Eike: Director – Production

Jerry has been with Premier since year one and has been integral in establishing our company’s ability to provide free of charge case evaluations 24 hours per day. With over 25 years of executive level customer service management experience, Jerry brings first class service to the disability services industry. An M.B.A., Jerry teaches evening courses at the university level. He’s been recognized for teaching excellence at the University of Phoenix where he’s taught working adults for over 8 years and Named Coach of the Year for P.L.A.Y. youth traveling sports – winning the state championship in girls’ basketball. Coaching and giving back is very important to Jerry.  Over the last 30 years, he’s donated over 7 gallons of blood to the Red Cross and other charitable organizations. He’s also coached young kids for many years in various sports.  Working at Premier has given Jerry the dual opportunity to help young managers develop and to help tens of thousands of our customers get the benefits they paid for and deserve.

Premier Disability Services, LLC 8Dave Binczik: Director – Case Management Department

As the Director of Case Management, Dave is responsible for oversight of the entire disability claims process. His division ensures claims are not denied for technical reason or delayed in any way. He was previously  vice president of operations at ABLENET, Inc., A global assistive device organization that helps people with disabilities improve their quality of life. He’s also led the acquisitions of 5 companies and is trustee of an ESOP. After spending a portion of his career in high tech markets, he took a position in a small company focused on making the world more accessible to people with disabilities.  The pathway for that company was to design products for people with disabilities.  When he chose Premier Disability Services, he did so because of its focus on assisting people with disabilities following a different path (providing a service to ensure that people with disabilities have the means to live fulfilling lives). An important part of his role is to assist in the development of tools that can be used to measure performance, the value of clearly communicating expectations and both recognizing staff who exceed these expectations and holding staff accountable when they don’t.

Premier Disability Services, LLC 7Devon Brady : Director – Legal Department

Devon’s leadership in our legal department is the backbone of our company. He ensures the proper rules and regulations are applied to each and every claim we file so that our clients get every penny they deserve. As a former volunteer attorney, Devon’s intense drive to be the voice for the disabled is second to none. Prior to joining Premier Disability Services, Devon volunteered for the Innocence Project of Minnesota. He also spent time as a student certified attorney for the Public Defender’s Office in Chaska, MN. Devon’s first job after college was a position working with children and adolescents who suffer from mental illness.  During law school, his experience included law clerk/student attorney positions in the fields of personal injury, child advocacy, and criminal defense.  These positions instilled in him a desire to advocate on behalf of people who are the most in need of representation. What he’s most proud of in his tenure at Premier Disability Services is being able to see the hard work our staff and employees have put forth to improve Premier so that our clientele are better served on a daily basis.

Premier Disability Services, LLC 3Lisa Hansen – Office Manager

Managing the facility at our national headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota is no small task. Lisa makes it look that way with her strong work ethic and personal care for the clients we serve. A business administration graduate with years of paralegal work experience gives Lisa a unique balance of skills that are perfect for the Social Security Disability field. In her spare time, Lisa volunteers a lot of time to her local soccer association coaching and mentoring young kids. She also contributes annually to the Minnesota Special Olympics. Lisa volunteers over 100 hours a year serving her community through her local church, school and other organizations. She has a passion for art and finding creative ways to make something old into something new. Lisa has been with Premier Disability Services since day one. She describes our company as one that is fair, understanding and has compassionate employees who puts the client’s needs first.

Premier Disability Services, LLC 4Ofilia Garza – Associate Attorney

Ofilia provides the voice for our clients at Premier Disability Services. She writes legal arguments defending our client’s disability before the Social Security Administration. Among the several roles Ofilia held prior to joining Premier Disability Services were with Legal Aid, Child Protective Services and the South Texas Colonia Initiative. As an attorney, she has passed the bar exam both in her home town of Texas and in Minnesota. Ofilia’s family is composed of medical professionals and her grandfather was a judge.  In particular, her grandfather took a stance in treating everybody who came into his court room as a person and not just a case number. Ofilia took his life premise and followed a legal path. She has served her community through assisting during voting election days, at the food shelters and shelters for abused women.  Her life has always been helping others who need assistance or just taking part in community activities. Ofilia says that once she learned about Tom and the disability process, she felt Premier fell in line with her life premise. She’s able to assist people in a difficult time and at Premier, people are treated as people not just case numbers.