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“I contacted Premier, was given a case manager and asked several questions, which I answered to the best of my ability. After which I was told that they would so the rest, and they did. I thank Premier and will be referring them. They are good and quick.”

-Annette R.


“Very satisfied with the service. Everyone was very cordial. Always answering any questions that I had. You made it very easy and painless to start and get my disability. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect such fast service between premier and social security. Personally I thought it would drag on forever.”

-Deborah J.



-Rodney G.



-Rogers M.


“Fast,Freindly, Superior Service ! #1 and The Best in Customer Service ! Very Helpful to the very END !”

-Robert G.


“Great experience, very happy with all the employees very knowledgeably and helpful with every concern I had would recommend to others.”

-Nanette K.


“It really only takes one word to explain,Awesome!You folks really care an want to help an I can’t Thank You enough.”

-Carl S.


“They introduced and helped me circumvent through a very complex system (ssi) they were very informative and prompt with questions I had about the process, and in the end, won my case for me! Thank you so much, especially Erika.You changed my life.Thank you again.”

-Greg O.


“My experience was incredibly positive!! I felt that my back was covered by the staff of Premier Disability in dealing with the Social Security Administration! Very responsive and helpful throughout the process! Highly, highly recommended!’

-Bruce D. L.


“Always professional. The secod time approved.”

-Albendia S.


“I am overwhelmed with the speed it took to get approved for my benefits. I would recommend Premier to anyone who is unfortunate to be in need of SS disability.”

-Shelli P.


“I was hesitant to get a lawyer for my disability benefits request,but I thought I should go ahead and get one after reading some prEmiers testimonials, and they were VERY eager to help ,so I did what they said ,and sure enough I was awarded my disability, within 3-5 mos.of filing ,I NEVER expected to have it go so smoothly ,or so quickly ,I cannot THANK Premier enough for their expert guidance and support of the case. Thank you , thank you , thank you, Paul.”

-Paul C.


“Pleasant and very helpful.”

-John C.


“When I realized I was no longer able to work a full day or even a few hours out of a day I started praying what to do, all my friends and family kept telling me I didn’t need a lawyer to get my disability I could do it myself for free. But when I asked everyone how long it took to get thier disability benefits a 100% responce was a couple years with all kinds of set backs and frustrations. To make this a short time of it I started praying and the first time I saw Premiers on face book it was like that’s my answer. I contacted premier and they evaluated my case and told me they would love to help me out. They sent me some paper work in the mail to fill out (signatures only) they filled evrything out for me and with in 8 days of send off my paper work I received an e-mail telling me the paper work had passed and been accepted (l was told that paper work was the most important part of the case), then I was sent paper work from ssi to fill out and with my case workers help in about 10 min I was done with any paper work i needed to fill out and sent it in. One month later I got a e-mail and phone call that that ssi had made me some appointments with doctors and imagine (X-ray) at no cost to me they (ssi) even paid me gas mileage to doctors vista. I went to one doctor and the X-ray place and still had 2 more doctor visits scheduled but after the X-rays my case worker e-mail called me telling me that they had canceled the other appointments and that I had won my case. Thanks to Premier it only took 6months to win my ssi with no hassles and they contacted me at every step keeping me informed of where we were at with the case and how in was preceding and every time they contacted me they asked every time if I had any queastions and each time they they covered every thing to perfection I had only to listen and be thankful that I chose to call them. They were the real winners here they knew what I need and they had a proven process on how to get it done. Thanks Premier for caring about the person not the money for they really only got a small fee as my case was won and if we had lost they would have got nothing.”

-Kenny P.


“I appreciate all the help I received from Premier Disability. I believe without Premier I would not have been approved for my disability. I didn’t even know where to begin, but they helped me every step of the way. Thank you Premier.”

-John H.


“Everyone I talked with from the beginning to the end was very helpful and pleasant to talk to. My claim was handled quickly. All questions were answered so I knew was going on. I would recommend Premier to anyone.”

-Susan M.


“I had no idea what to expect but was very well taken care of. From the receptionist to the client rep I had I was always treated with respect and a calm voice. They understand it is a stressful time and really are thorough as well.”

-Brenda L


“They took on the case and after several denials from SSA and after hearing we won the case, it was on for several years. But as far as I know it could have not been won without Premier, the behind the scenes paperwork and the information passed along was very helpful.”

-Gary H.


“I am very happy with premier disabilities they stayed on task they send out the paperwork to be on time that I needed they followed up when I wasn’t approved the first time and went back in did all work all over again I am really pleased with them I really thank them very much for helping meand in the near future if I know anyone any family or friends that would need disability I will make sure that I recommend premier disability.”

-Juanita H.


“Premier was very professional and caring with interactions. They made everything easy and took the stress out of the application process. Premier anticipated my needs and questions and addressed them most times before I asked. They made the process painless.”

-Brenda N.

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