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Unemployment benefits and Social Security Disability

Posted April 9, 2015 by Premier Disability Services, LLC® Unemployment benefits are becoming an increasingly difficult issue for claimants to overcome in their Social Security Disability claims.  The problem is that both programs require the claimant to make contradicting statements in order to receive the benefits.  In order to receive unemployment benefits in most states, a claimant must certify that they are “ready and able” to work.  Obviously, this is highly contradictory to a claim for Social Security Disability that requires a claimant to prove they are unable to work at the substantial gainful level due to a medical impairment.  There are methods that can be used to overcome this contradiction.

What if I lose my Social Security Disability Hearing?

Posted April 2, 2015 by Premier Disability Services, LLC® Following a denial of a claimant’s initial application for benefits and their request for reconsideration, the next step is to file a request for a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. The harsh reality is that the majority of claimants who file for Social Security Disability benefits will eventually be required to appear at a hearing. This is not necessarily a bad thing. A hearing will give the claimant a chance to finally appear in person in front of the ultimate decision maker for their claim. However, Administrative Law Judges are human and they sometimes make errors in their decisions. As a result, good cases can be denied.