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What is an Overpayment?

Posted August 28, 2015 by Premier Disability Services, LLC® When the Social Security Administration (SSA) pays a claimant too much of a monthly benefit, or releases an excessive amount of retroactive benefits, this is referred to as an overpayment.  These overpayments often occur due to a miscalculation by SSA.  For example, in the case of an SSI recipient, a change in marital status or living situation that was not previously reported to SSA may lead to a miscalculation of benefits.  If SSA determines that a claimant received an overpayment, they will send a notice explaining the overpayment and requesting a full refund within 30 days.

Social Security Turns 80 Years Old!

Posted August 25, 2015 by Premier Disability Services, LLC® A major milestone for the Social Security Administration occurred on August 14, 2015.  That date marked the 80th year that the Social Security program has been in place.  Acting Commissioner Carolyn Colvin addressed the milestone in a message that included the now historic words of President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the signing of the Social Security Act into law.  President Roosevelt stated:

How Much Will I Receive in Monthly Benefits

Posted August 14, 2015 by Premier Disability Services, LLC® A common question we receive from clients is how much they will receive on a monthly basis in the event they are awarded Social Security Disability benefits. This is a very valid question. A disability significantly impacts a person’s life financially. It is a good thing to plan for the future and determine what types of financial adjustments may need to be made considering the amount of benefit that person can expect.