Carolyn Colvin Steps Down as Acting Commissioner of Social Security

Posted January 19, 2017 by Premier Disability Services, LLC® Carolyn Colvin has announced that she will step down from her role as Acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration at the end of President Obama’s term on January 20, 2017. Last Friday, Ms. Colvin released the following statement to all Social Security Administration (SSA) and Disability Determination Services (DDS) employees:

TO: All SSA and DDS Employees

 I want you to know that I have advised President Obama that I will be leaving my position as Acting Commissioner of Social Security at the end of the President’s term on Friday, January 20th.  

 I have devoted my life to public service, serving in positions at all levels of government, but serving here with all of you has been the greatest honor of my life.  The times I have treasured the most are the times I have been able to visit your offices to speak with you about the important work we do, and about your dreams and aspirations.  Those are some of my most joyous and inspirational times at SSA.  You are truly the greatest public servants in government. 

 Social Security is the most important social program ever implemented in this country.  The agency distributes almost $1 trillion to 65,000,000 people each year.  Millions of our fellow Americans rely on these benefits and the services we provide.  Indeed, many of our seniors would be in poverty if they did not receive their Social Security benefits each month.

 Never forget, you make a positive difference every day in the lives of the tens of millions of people who visit our offices, call us on the telephone, or rely on our online services each year.  We can be proud of our numerous accomplishments which represent our shared legacy.  I cannot express the pride I feel in having been part of this incredible work.  Remember, each day, thousands and thousands of individuals may experience, for even a moment, hope, and if we are lucky, a better life, because of something you have been able to do for them.

 I want to personally thank you again for the outstanding service you provide and for the support and guidance you have given me.  I wish you much happiness and success in all of your future endeavors. 


Filling Ms. Colvin’s position will be Nancy Berryhill, the current Deputy Commissioner for Operations, based on SSA’s succession plan. Ms. Berryhill has worked for SSA for over 40 years in various technical and management positions, including serving as the Regional Commissioner of the Chicago region.

By: Premier Disability Services, LLC®