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Testifying at your Social Security Disability Hearing

Posted December 17, 2014 by Premier Disability Services, LLC® The most common emotion clients express to us prior to their hearing is anxiety.  Most clients are concerned that they do not know how to testify properly at the hearing and they feel that they may say something detrimental to their claim.  Below are a few tips that I share with my clients about how to properly testify at a hearing.

5 Ways to Improve your Social Security Disability Claim

Posted December 17, 2014 by Premier Disability Services, LLC® One of the biggest complaints we hear from our clients is how long the process of receiving Social Security Disability benefits can take.  A harsh reality of filing for Social Security Disability is that it is a long and tedious process.  The most important thing to remember is, whether your claim takes two months or two years, you want the final decision to be an award of benefits.  Below are five methods of improving your claim so that you have a better chance at being awarded.

Medicare Open Enrollment Deadline is Approaching

Posted December 5, 2014 by Premier Disability Services, LLC® Medicare open enrollment ends on December 7, 2014. If you are currently on Medicare, this is your opportunity to find out if you can reduce your out of pocket costs. If you are a former Premier client and current Medicare beneficiary, contact us today to get a free consultation. 1-866-382-7872.