Communicating with my Representative

Posted April 16, 2015 by Premier Disability Services, LLC® Active communication with your representative throughout the administrative process is paramount to reaching the mutual goal of obtaining your Social Security Disability benefits.

Due to the often lengthy waits it takes for SSA to decide on a disability case, we find some of our clients run into situations causing them to lose contact with our firm. Whether it is the disconnection of a primary phone number, a hospitalization, or in some cases becoming homeless – it is still absolutely crucial for you and your representative to remain in contact. Often opportunities can occur throughout the claims process where the case may be decided upon in a quicker manner. Without your representative being able to contact you immediately in regards to your claim, these opportunities can quickly come to a stand-still.

Without a doubt, our firm is sensitive to the individual circumstances of our clients and their families. Under these very difficult circumstances where a client becomes homeless or has their telephone disconnected, our goal is to continue to advocate on their behalf so that they may receive the benefits they deserve faster. Should you find yourself in the scenario where your primary contact information is no longer valid, please take a moment to consider alternate means of contacting your representative. It could be as simple as providing the number of a family member, friend, social worker, or even homeless shelter where you may be residing. Many local libraries provide free access to the internet, which can be utilized to communicate with your representative via email. At Premier, we have found that our clients who lose their primary means of communication are often the ones who most need our assistance. We make every attempt to remain flexible in communicating with these clients using any means available to them.

To avoid any delays in your case, and to assure your representative is always able to keep you updated in regards to significant actions and developments on your case, make sure that your Rep always has a means of contacting you. It could very well mean the difference between success and failure when pressing SSA for the disability benefits you’re entitled to receive.

By: Devon Brady, Esq. of Premier Disability Services, LLC ®