The Effect of Side Effects

Posted July 14, 2017 by Premier Disability Services, LLC®

MedicationsIndividuals who suffer from severe medical conditions are generally on medications to manage their symptoms, no matter what the medical or psychiatric symptoms. Often these medications have side effects that are nearly as troublesome as the original symptoms, but are necessary for lessening or containing the illness – such as chemotherapy or narcotic pain medications. Many medications have side effects such as fatigue, nausea, and confusion.

Side effects of prescribed medications are actual “symptoms” that must be considered in determining whether a claimant is disabled in a Social Security Disability claim.

It is important for a claimant to tell a doctor all about all of the side effects they experience, at every appointment. This is not only so that the doctor will know, but also because it is important that these symptoms be documented in the medical records. Judges look to the medical records to determine the credibility of the claimant and it is very helpful if the record documents these issues. Many computerized medical records have a check list of symptoms before a visit. These are better than nothing, but actual comments by the treating professional are more persuasive. You should also be sure to note these severe side effects when filling any disability forms.

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By: Joyce Trudeau of Premier Disability Services, LLC®