Illness and Depression

Posted July 12, 2016 by Premier Disability Services, LLC®

A doctor once said to me “Everybody diagnosed with cancer gets depressed.” I cannot speak for everybody. I know I got depressed after my diagnosis. Facing illness, whether it is acute like cancer or chronic like arthritis, can be depressing. The National Institute of Health (NIH) acknowledges, as do most health professionals, that chronic medical conditions can lead to any number of depressive symptoms and disorders. Depression is one of the most common complications of chronic illness. We often see this with clients at Premier Disability.

It is important to speak to your doctor and seek treatment if you have any symptoms that may be related to depression. Some symptoms of depression include feelings of sadness, having trouble falling or staying asleep, sleeping too much, fatigue, digestive problems, changes in appetite, changes in weight, headaches, sexual problems, agitation, and restlessness. This is not an exhaustive list. It does include some of the more common symptoms of depression. Your doctor may use a short questionnaire as a diagnostic tool. They may speak to you about treatment options or refer you to a specialist. Studies have shown that people with depression are more likely to get infections and are slower to heal after surgery. Treating depression can have a significant effect on overall well-being.

If you are suffering from a chronic illness and considering applying for Social Security Disability benefits, it is a good idea to consult with an experienced Representative. A Representative who is well-versed in Social Security law can screen for and properly point out the interrelated nature of chronic illness and depression.

At Premier, we make it a point to screen for the presence of mental impairments such as depression and anxiety even in cases that are primarily physical in nature. If you are considering filing for Social Security Disability benefits, please contact us here.

By: Denise Martineau of Premier Disability Services, LLC®