My Request to Expedite my Claim was Denied

Posted August 5, 2016 by Premier Disability Services, LLC®

In a previous article, we provided details regarding how a Social Security Disability claimant can potentially expedite their claim.  (See  However, not every request to expedite a case is approved.  Unfortunately, Social Security’s criteria for expediting a case can be difficult to meet.  For example, we often have clients’ who are homeless denied because they are “couch hopping.”  SSA views this as having a means to remedy their situation despite the fact that it is a highly unstable living situation.  While it may seem cruel, SSA has so many pending cases that they apply these criteria very carefully and often require proof in the form of documentation that a claimant meets one of the criterions for a critical case.

If a claimant’s request to have their case expedited is denied, it does not mean their chances of being expedited are over completely.  Claimants should pay close attention to any correspondence they receive from SSA about the decision not to expedite their case.  Often, this letter will include details regarding what is needed to meet the criteria for expediting a case.  For example, a claimant who requested to have their case expedited due to a pending utility shut-off may simply need to refile their request with the final notice of shut-off.

Another tip for claimants who have had their expedite request denied is to contact their local Congressman.  Our office often files what is known as a request for a congressional inquiry with our client’s local congressman’s office.  While a congressional inquiry is not guaranteed to make any progress on the claim, it is difficult for an SSA office to explain to a Congressman why they have chosen not to expedite the claim of a person in dire need.  We have found that these inquiries are very successful in either speeding up a claim or obtaining the information we need.

If you currently have a claim pending with the Social Security Administration and you are struggling with dire financial or medical circumstances, it is also prudent to contact an experienced representative.  A representative who is well-versed in the rules and regulations of Social Security law will know what type of support is needed for a successful request to expedite a case.  If you are interested in hiring a representative to assist with your claim, please contact us for a free evaluation.

By: Thomas A. Klint of Premier Disability Services, LLC