SSA is Extending Deadlines During Pandemic

Posted May 15, 2020 by Premier Disability Services, LLC®

You may have received a letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA) about extending deadlines during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. During this pandemic, the SSA is extending deadlines for requests for information, evidence, or call-in letters whenever possible. The SSA will not take an adverse action because you did not respond to their request or provide evidence. They cannot make a decision in your case, however, until they have all the evidence they need in your file.

The SSA is also extending the time limits to appeal decisions. If the SSA needs a Consultative Examination (CE) to obtain additional evidence about your case, they will place your claim on hold until they are able to safely schedule appointments.

Additionally, the SSA has announced heat they are temporarily suspending work on continuing disability reviews (CDR’s) and appeals for continuing disability reviews.  Therefore, if you are undergoing a continuing disability review, you can also expect a delay in your case.

Despite these delays, it is important to be patient. The SSA remains open and has not shut down, unlike other governmental agencies or private businesses.  They continue to move forward, making decisions on cases, and holding hearings via telephone.

Premier is also still working at full capacity to manage our current clients’ claims and to take on new claims. If you or someone you know is unable to work due to a medical condition, please contact us for a free evaluation of your claim.

Contact our office today if you or anyone you know would like to learn more about qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits.

By: Joyce Trudeau of Premier Disability Services, LLC®